Welcome to the home of Toby and Nadine.

With the help of the channel 4 programme Location Location Location we found a dilapidated Victorian shop that was being used as a masonic lodge. After receiving planning permission to change the use of the property from commercial to residential (single dwelling house) we were able to move into our new home and begin renovations in December 2011.

We are trying to renovate this building on a shoe-string – doing most of the work ourselves. Please come back to see how we’re doing.


  1. John and Vienna

    Greetings from Vancouver, Canada. We just watched your episode of Location, Location, Location and were quite excited by the property you chose, and wondering how your renovations were going. A quick web search and we were pleased to find your website. It is certainly an enormous project you’ve undertaken, but it is looking great and will be wonderful when you’re done (well – you’re never really done are you).

    We’ll keep checking in and following your progress. All the best.

    John and Vienna

  2. kieran gardner

    Big inspiration for my house project guys! Ill be keeping a close eye

  3. Sue and Tony

    Hi tobes and nadine. You certainly have your work cut out and seem tireless in your application. Great work so far guys. Love The Hawthornes and Rayners. Any ideas for b/day pres? Prob a few thousand pounds!!!x

  4. Anne Pomfret

    Family members on the TV!! Toby and Nadine – Toby’s mom suggested I look at this website – cannot believe two people would take on such an undertaking – looking forward to the finished product.
    Cousin Anne in Florida.

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