Friends and helpers

Thanks to Sean Taylor, a private planning consultant who has been instrumental in helping us get planning permission.

Damian D’Arcy
Best heating engineer in London.

Friends and family helpers
Keith Hadden – Toby’s Dad, a regular working guest in this household. We can’t believe he keeps coming back – we can’t thank him enough!

Richard Install – he works at the Union Cycle Works with Toby and he has been a massive help to us. He’s helped us through some of the darkest times (he’ll know what we mean).

Will Atwell – an old school friend who lives one mile away. He has some new muscles which are very useful to us.

Jess & Tim – our lovely neighbours, who have been very patient with us, and very kind to let us use their driveway.

Jimmy Louizeau – he lives round the corner. He has also renovated his own house. Has experience with acro-props and RSJs.

Dominic Weil – a friend who also works with Toby at the Union Cycle Works (who also happens to be an architect. He advised us on our Location Location Location episode)