New hallway wall

Stud work for new wall partition:

We suspected when we bought the house that the ground floor layout was not original. In the 60s and 70s many Victorian houses in the UK were ‘modernised’ by covering over original panelling, removing victorian spindles, smoothing out and simplifying / unifying surfaces etc. The changes to ours we assume is also due to a conversion. Our house has had several failed planning and attempts to turn it into flats but at some point between the 50s and 70s we know it was divided so that the shop and the house above could be accessed separately. A new front door was installed and replaced one of three shop window panels and the hallway was re-sculpted. We are still trying to piece together it’s history between it’s original use as a cordwainers (posh cobblers) in the Victorian era and it being purchased by the masonic order in the early 80s.

It is very different to know precisely about the original layout, no original plans for this building exist. We have looked at neighbouring houses in our terraced row but sadly ours is probably closest to the original, as all the others have been divided up and rebuilt into flats and all the shop fronts have been removed long ago. In this situation all you can do is look for clues and make a best estimate. You can only really know once you start demolition what walls are original, new, hidden etc.